About This Site

My motivation for creating the Home Energy Checklist came from several places. First, I wanted to make my own home more comfortable and to save money. While there are many, many helpful websites out there I couldn't find a cohesive, easy to use site that had everything I needed to identify, prioritize, and accomplish energy savings in my home. What I really wanted was a comprehensive checklist. That's what this site is intended to be.

As a high school science teacher (currently taking a break from teaching) and researcher working at the University of Maryland, I find the topic of tremendous personal interest. My teaching and research experience allow me to research and organize information in a way that will be useful to others. This is also something I enjoy doing.

Finally, I see the site as a way for people to save money, be more comfortable in their homes, and lessen their impact on the environment. Over time I believe this site can accomplish meaningful change, especially when successes are shared with friends and family.

I continue to talk with homeowners and update the site. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. I can be reached at Wayne@HomeEnergyChecklist.org.