Attic Door Insulation

Attic DoorInstalling attic door insulation is one of the easier things you can do to keep your home warm. Because your attic isn't heated or cooled it is usually around the same temperature as the outdoors. In summer it can be much, much hotter. An attic door cover reduces the amount of energy exchanged between your living areas and the attic.

A simple test to see if air is leaking around your attic door or access panel is to hold a stick of incense near the attic door.

The test is more dramatic on cold days but chances are if you don't have an attic stair insulator a good bit of energy is being lost. If you have a thermal gun you can also measure the temperature.

Types of Attic Door Insulation and Cost

Attic door insulation costs about $50 for attic doors (Corning) and you can get an attic hatch kit for $20. There are also a number of more expensive solutions but the cheaper versions work fine and are readily available.

We have the Corning pink attic cover (tent configuration). I'm very impressed by how well it insulates.

Attic Door Insulation Attic Door Tent
Attic Door Cover from Below Attic Door Cover from Attic

The only problem I have is that the exposed insulation sometimes touches my hands when I'm moving the attic stair cover. Since it's fiberglass this results in itching. But since I don't go in the attic often I can live with it. My sense is that having the exposed insulation makes for a better seal and prevents air leakage.

Attic Tent  

Attic Tent Collapsed

Choosing the Right Insulation

When choosing attic door insulation consider how often you use the attic. If you go in the attic every day the attic tent configuration might become a bit tiresome. In that case, insulation with a built-in door might make sense. For most people, insulating your attic door or hatch with the cheaper versions will be much easier and just as effective.


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