Clothes Drying Rack

Use a Clothes Drying Rack to save money and electricity.

Wooden Clothes Drying RackWe've used a clothes drying rack for years now and it's really become habitual. It's just about the same amount of work as using a dryer since I always have to check the dryer to be sure things are dry. With the clothes drying rack I just put them there and wait a day or so.

It seems to take two laundry drying racks per full load of laundry. We use a wooden clothes drying rack and one made of wood coated in some sort of plastic. Over time (say ten years or so) the wood has warped a bit but it still works well. You can also get metal and bamboo racks.

Clothes Drying RackLooking at the amount of power consumed by a clothes dryer, this is one relatively easy and highly effective way to save electricity. From a financial perspective (savings of around $100/year) and an environmental perspective it just makes sense. A clothes drying rack will cost about $25 for a simpler model and will pay itself off in about six months. That's easier than replacing your refrigerator, which can cost over $500 up front for a replacement (but will pay itself off after five or so years).

Keeping things out of the dryer is also easier on your clothes. (Dryer lint is just pieces of your clothing, eroding away.) If you must have soft towels, or if pet hair is a problem, a quick 10-minute turn in the dryer is enough to take care of it. The rest of the drying time can be on the racks.

My recommendation is to:

  • Get two laundry drying racks and store them next to the washing machine.
  • Set the racks of clothing near a heat vent when drying in the winter to reduce drying time. If the weather is nice you can set the clothes racks outside (unless you live in an area with a restrictive home owners' association).
  • You can also buy retractable clothes lines that work indoors, find racks that mount on doors, or install ceiling mounted drying racks. If possible, you can hang lines outside or get an umbrella rack.

To find a clothes drying rack, search Google on the terms above. Another useful search term is clothes horse.

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