Door Insulation

Insulate your doors to save energy.

Exterior door in need of insulating.Doors can be a major source of air leakage into and out of your home. Moving parts can wear out over time and there are a number of places air leakage can occur. Identifying and fixing any problems with your door insulation can result in sizable savings.

When you think about insulating your door there are five things you want to look at. Remember, though, right now the goal is to identify the parts where air is leaking (read about how to detect air leaks). Once you've identified any problems you can address them.

Door Insulation: What to Check

On each exterior door on your house you should visually check the following items as well as using incense (or another method) to find air leaks. Be sure to check:

  • Weatherstripping: Is the weatherstripping present and in good shape?
  • Bottom of Door: Is there a door sweep that stops air leaks? Does the threshold have a good seal?
  • Windows on Door: Are windows on the door leaking air? Do they need to be caulked?
  • Door Itself: What type of door do you have? Is it time for a replacement?
  • Storm Door: Is the window in for winter? What about the weatherstripping and the bottom of the storm door?

If you have a mail slot or pet door you'll also want to check it for any air leakage.

Most fixes aren't expensive or time consuming (with the exception of installing a new door). Making sure your door insulation is adequate and air isn't leaking into or out of your house is one of several things you can do to save energy and money. Take a look at our complete Home Energy Checklist for more ideas and information.