Water Saving Shower Heads

An inexpensive way to save water and energy.

Showers can waste water, but they can also waste energy. It takes a great deal of energy to heat the water used during a shower. One simple, inexpensive, and convenient solution is to use water saving shower heads.

Water Saving Shower Head

Low Flow Showerhead: $8

In terms of comfort, water saving shower heads are equivalent to the regular variety. Many also have a convenient button on the shower head that allows you to quickly turn off or adjust the water while lathering up or shaving (saving more water and energy).

Low flow shower heads are able to provide the same level of comfort by keeping the water pressure high but using less water. This results in the water spreading out and providing better coverage. It is estimated that a family of four could save about 3000 gallons of water and over 350 kilowatt hours (used in heating the water) by switching to water saving shower heads (source: EPA WaterSense program).

There are a wide variety of water saving shower heads available. On the low end, an $8 shower head works just fine (see image above). You can also find something more stylish, such as hand-held versions with varying spray patterns and pressure.

Note that low flow shower heads come in two general categories: aerating and non-aerating. The aerating head mixes air with the water for a softer spray. The non-aerating gives a harder spray which can be hotter since it's not mixed with air.

While you're thinking about replacing that shower head why not check the temperature of your hot water heater?

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