White Rope Caulk

A bit tough to find but worth the effort.

When you search for rope caulk online you'll mostly find it in a gray color. For many applications (sealing a fireplace, small holes in a wall, etc.) this works fine. But for windows it's nice to have white rope caulk which isn't visible once applied.

You can get enough to do five or six windows for around $5-7. I've used Ace Rope Caulk (90 ft) and been very pleased with the results. Compared to the gray caulk I tried, the individual ropes of white caulk are easier to remove and aren't quite as sticky. This is perfect for windows, but for other applications, a sticker caulk (like Mortite) may work better.

White Rope Caulk for Sealing WindowsWhen applying the caulk be sure to really clean the area well. For windows, a cloth dabbed in warm soapy water, followed by clean water to remove the soap, works well. Let it dry and the caulk will adhere much better.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • For larger gaps just use several ropes (don't separate them when you remove them).
  • Let the ropes warm in the sun prior to use and they'll be much easier to apply.
  • Working with shorter ropes can be easier. You can then push them together and it will look like one continuous rope.
  • For the white caulk you can leave it up year-round for non-sliding parts of a window.
  • In spring you can remove the caulk, put it in a plastic bag, and reuse it the following year.

There's really not too much more to it. It's a pretty quick fix and looks really nice.

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